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. republicans cuccinelli should have won virginia, why? because obama is very unoh popular in virginia. his popularity dropped by a large number percentage of the vote from 2009 to today. in that situation with obama still unpopular in virginia it should have been an easy republican win. it wasn't because the tea party which is what cuccinelli is closely associated with just doesn't sell in a swing state like virginia. >> let's focus on christie for a second. he has captured the attention of the country. he knows it goes beyond new jersey. here he is on the last night of the campaign. >> you want someone who you elected to office to look you in the eye and tell you the truth even if you don't like the truth being told. that's the jersey way. i know in my heart that what is going to happen tomorrow night is going to send a message not only to everyone in new jersey. tomorrow night america is going to be watching new jersey. >> he calls himself a conservative. most of us see him as a moderate, most analysts do. is that the difference between him and cuccinelli, does the moderate winning of th
, that president barack obama doesn't have the authority to name this happen and he won't enforce the own law that he wrote. >> if the rules goes into effect is it just kicking the can down the road a year, because the insurance companies could cancel the policies next year and you'd be back to square one. >> right. we'll be in the same situation next year. people will have had a year's warning, but people had warning leading up to this year. i don't think more time to prepare is what the consumers are looking for. again, under the president's plan, if it took effect, they'd be in the same situation, next thing. >> you mentioned the push back from the insurance companies. public officials, the insurance commissioner in kansas. others say it can't be done. jim donno lan, the president of the national association of insurance commissioners and louisiana - these are public officials, not insurance companies and they are saying: >> i guess the question is what happens to the people who had their policies cancelled, if their old insurance companies decide they can't or won't offer the policies the
. >> changing his health care plan. bowing to pressure from the right and the lost president obama says americans -- and the left president obama says americans can keep their policies even if they don't meet the law's requirements. >> this is not a big game, but the game is not over >> a survey by the associated press finds more than 4.2 million americans buy their own health insurance received cancellation notices. a week after one of the worst storms on record officials in the philippines are burying victims in mass graves. the official death toll from typhoon haiyan is more than 4400. more than 800,000 are homeless. >> toronto's embattled mayor, rob ford under pressure to resign, he had to apologise for using obscene language, whilst denying making sexual advance tos a female counsellor. that's the news at this hour. see you back here at 11 eastern, 8 pacific time. "consider this" is next. [ ♪ theme ]. >>> the president promising fixes on his troubled health care plan, "consider this" - the white house, if they can't get it right in 3.5 years, will another year make is different?
president obama's policies are struggling - racism. has the first black president been unfairly targeted or is harsh criticism a relating all presidents face. >> and a launch to mars. >> i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this," we begin with communities recovering from killer storms - overseas, in the philippines and the midwest. where people struggle to restart their lives after the farm belt was battered. the skies cleared, tornados killed six people in illinois, two in michigan, injured hundreds in 12 states, leaving tens of thousands homeless or without power. here is what it looked like as the twisters descended on the mid west. >> our father who art in heaven. >> all we could hear was glass shattering. >> when we came out it was gone. >> warning. >> the game will be suspended. >> i'm hearing things, we may need to take shelter overseas. >> we do. >> looks like a bomb went off there. >> those are our two vehicles sitting in the field over there, one of which was inside a garage. >> i'm a little sore, beat up, in shock of all that is happening. i really don't know where to go fr
.c. >> is palmresident obama treated differently to any other president. we saw senate democrats using phil busters to stop george bush's nominees, and delaying by years confirmations by others. >> it is a difference. he is being treated in a different way. the republicans virtually every day that they are here, and they are not here all that many days given the meagre workload of the united states congress, seem to be bent on blocking president barack obama at virtually every turn. here on an issue most constituent don't know about and if they knew wouldn't care. it's a simply politics, trying to block barack obama. it's not to say the republicans are laying down and being a rubber-stamp. what played out is the opposite. as an example, during the term of gw bush, he had six nominees to the same important court. four got through with considerable democratic support. barack obama had five nominees to the court, and four up to this point have been blocked. >> that happened after there was a major deal between democrats and republicans and after substantial phil busters. it wasn't as if the democrats
hit. members of congress and are, also president obama comes out in favor of a minimum wage that will extra money mean some unemployment for others. can a soap opera help a nation heal? we will hear from two of the unusual show's stars. i'm antonio mora. welcome to consider this. high hopes for a break through for world leaders in geneva, the concern is does it give iran too much for too little? president obama is optimistic. >> we don't have to trust them. what we have to do is make sure that there is a good deal in place from the perspective of us verifying what they're doing, we can test it. >> for more i'm johnny damon by trita parsi, the president of the national iranian american council and here in new york is nathan carlson, served with the george w. bush administration, of the group iran. john kerry's trip to geneva, and are sergesergey lavrov is joinie group. do we have a deal? >> we are 90% chance of a deal. particularly folks who got us into iraq complaining about obama doing something that could be problematic, i feel it difficult to believe to be completely fran
. the fda is banning transfats. >> there has been an apology from president obama. the president says he is sorry to the millions of americans that are losing their healthcare plans because the coverage don't doesn't meet the requirements mandated by the affordable care act. the president has been saying for years if he the they like tr plans they can keep them. will see you back here at 11:00 eastern and 8:00 west edmonton:. the fda takes a hit on obese tea. owety. owe obesity of is this a band-aid on a far larger problem? >> john kerr kerry announces a l in geneva. >>> j why did that documentary never see the light of day in america? the block buster director and sir jackie stewart will join us with that story. >>> i'm antonio mora we begin with this your health and the fda. most people know that transfats can be really bad for you. now the food and drug administration has put out a propos al thaal that could see transfats banned from the diet they raise bad cholesterol and they have no known health benefit or safety limit. to understand the significance of the proposal i'm joined by d
obamacare seems to have become obama scare for the democrats. right now, the numbers of people participating in the affordable care act are well below expectations, just over 49,000 people have signed on through the 12 state based exchanges. around 3% of the enrollment target in those states. perhaps 40,000 to 50,000 have signed up through the federal government. meanwhile, 440,000 signed on for medicaid through obamacare. it's a huge imbalance that tilts the program toward delivering more subsidized health care which would drive up the cast for most other americans. president obama is pressured to make changes, so americans who want to keep their current health insurance will be able to as he promised they could on the campaign trail. the latest nudge came from former president clinton. >> i permanently believe, even if it takes changing the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> an illinois senator dick durbin agreed in part, telling cnn, we need to look at the political reality and be open to constr
bill clinton said president obama should make sure people keep their insurance policies if they want to. >> hawaii's legislature passed a bill approving gay marriage and the governor is expected to sign it. the university of hawaii said the law will boost tourism by $217 million over two years. >> new york city's one world trade at 1776 feet, it has been declared the tallest in america. that's the news at this hour. consider this is up next. you can get the latest on >> desperation is growing by the hour in the philippines five days after enduring the terrifying typhoon. survivors are struggling to get food and water. consider this, with so much death and destruction, what is happening with the hampered relief efforts. >> is bill clinton undermining the white house on health care? we'll look at the building tensions in the democratic party over obamacare. >> is the new face of alcoholism female? the surprising number of women who are struggling with the bottle and its terrible consequences. >> welcome to consider this. we begin with obamacare, and the issues that are happ
that performs late-term abortions. >> president obama is under pressure over the health care law. a report saying the administration new of flaws last spring. at a hearing on capitol hill the top official said 30% has not been built. republicans say is a security risk who try to enrol. >> tuesday marks the 150th anniversary of the gettysburg address. thousands of people honoured the address. president obama said he sometimes walks to lincoln's office to look at the original copy. >> those are the headlines, "consider this" is up next on al jazeera america. ♪ >> after 12 years hundreds of billions of dollars spent and more than 2,000 american soldiers killed, the war in afghanistan was supposed to be wrapping up. but if the war in afghanistan is truly winding down, why are we now reportedly committing to leave thousands of troops there for at least another decade? and also a tragic attack on one of virginia's most prominent politicians once again casts a harsh light on the mental health system. and did you ever ask youst if you could beat your child in a footrace? a new stu
obama from lifting sanctions that are key to irans participation in any deal. >> i do believe the sanctions that we put in place have created this moment. and i do know that the administration opposed those sunks and we had to push the administration to the table and i will say the administration is trying to take advantage. i hope we'll move ahead in a fashion that shows a real strategy to ensure that what iran does is real it's not just talk. >> with us from geneva where the talks are in progress. is reza. and finally dr. holla who spent 105 days in solitary confinement in iran's prison and has followed the negotiations as a director of the wilson center she is in our d.c. studio. great to have you here. >> ambassador i want to star with you. you have been at the table as a negotiator with iran. we were here in 2003. that went no where and all of the talks in the past have been a failure do you think this time can be different? >> definitely this time is different. nearing 2003 to 2005 we were propose being all transparency measures. all confidence america yours and guarante
stories. the obama administration reportedly new about problems with as early as last spring. the white house admitteds there were red flags. president obama said there were technical and procurement issues that should have been anticipated. >>> two bombs exploded near the iranian embassy in beirut. at least 23 people were killed. the double suicide attack appear to be the latest in a string of bombings linked to the war in syria. >>> new york is about to become the first city in the nation to raise the legal smoking age. michael bloomberg signed legislation banning the sale of tobacco products to people under 21. >>> and today marks the 150th on anniversary of the gettiesberg address. nows of people honored the speech at events all over the country. "consider this" is antonio mora is up next. i'm john siegenthaler i'll see you back here at 11:00 eastern, 8:00 pacific time. and you can always get the latest on ♪ ♪ >> after 12 years hundreds of billions of dollars spent and more than 2,000 american soldiers killed, the war in afghanistan was supposed
is department is the bown the bown administration is administration is bowrm bowrm obama obama administration, in terms of administration, in terms of policy related to syria and iran policy related to syria and iran the white house has had iron the white house has had iron control of that through hilary control of that through hilary clinton and john corey. clinton and john corey. who's going to be interested who's going to be interested in in john kerry? john kerry? >> but really he's had more >> but really he's had more break throughs that hillary had break throughs that hillary had in the four years she was in the four years she was there. there. >> to be fair, they are >> to be fair, they are different people. different people. his risk taking which is his his risk taking which is his hallmark will seem wise. hallmark will seem wise. she is a more prudent she is a more prudent person. person. hillary clinton is this hillary clinton is this voracious reared and she would voracious reared and she would read all the briefing papers, read all the briefing papers, john kerry does not read thr
government met on talks of what happens after 2014. and president obama agreed to apologize for mistakes made during the war as a condition for american troops to keep operating there over the next decade. but then we say susan rice say there was no apology. >> there is not a need for the united states to apologize to afghanistan. quite the contrary. that is not on the table. >> what is going on here, pj? >> i think it's the art of diplomacy, antonio. certainly as we move towards the [ inaudible ] later in the week that is set to potentially ratify the agreement and perhaps cite understandings, what the afghans are looking for are some expression that the united states appreciates the burden that the war of the last 12 years has meant on the afghan people. as susan rice saad -- said there are multiple sides to this. but the fact is there are still uncertainties here. the korean war ended in the early 1950s, and we still have troops in korea because we now have a security partnership with that country. what the troops will represent past 2014 is consolidating and protecting the gains that have
with 51 votes snowed of 60 required. >> harry reid and president obama after the vote insisted the change was necessary to end what they called the republican obstructionism and get the government moving. >> today we are on the side of the problem solvers. everyone knows that what is going on is unfair and wrong. i'm glad we have changed it. >> the pattern of obstruction is not normal, notway the founders envisioned. it is not obstruction on qualifications. it's to gum up the works. >> an unhappy senate minority leader mitch mcconnell denied he was interested in retribution, but had a warning for democrats. >> you'll regret it, and maybe sooner than you think. i'm joined by washington d.c. by bill schneider, and sure r, senior fellow at the think tank third way. thank you both for being with us. bill, when we talked about this, it's an stream move. when we discussed it none of us thought it would happen this quickly. will there be an explosion of ill will that will deepen the party divide. >> it can hardly get more ill than this year. >> what we will see is guerilla warfare. republicans w
of the state department is the bown administration i bowrm obama administration, in terms of policy related to syria and iran the white house has had iron control of that through hilary clinton and john corey. who's going to be interested in john kerry? >> but really he's had more break throughs that hillary had in the four years she was there. >> to be fair, they are different people. his risk taking which is his hallmark will seem wise. she is a more prudent person. hillary clinton is this voracious reared and she would read all the briefing papers, john kerry does not read through his briefing papers. he's more of a one man show. she is much more cautious in general. they are different people. he is a high risk high reward secretary of state. we'll see what happens with that approach. >> and she also had to be more careful because she has a political future which kerry probably does not anymore. so she may be thinking more about the white house, she may be more risk adverse. >> her aides flat deny that. it is not fair to say she was cautious. there wasn't one particular instance where sh
of intense talks in geneva. president obama is expected to make a statement within the hour. there are several news could be foconferences planned for this evening. we'll bring you the latis latess soon as it develops. >> all of the access to crude rearreserves have been cut off. >> it's unclear if any production infrastructure was damaged in the take over. >> a major storm system has caused chaos in western states. eight deaths have been blamed on the storm winter storm warnings are i in effect for parts of california through today. those are the headlines i'm johnathan betz with more on the historic dei deal in geneva. but first "consider this" is up next. you can always go on-line to ♪ >> the knockout the game spreads fear across after around the country. teens are cold cocking strangers and it's turned deadly four times. consider this how wide spread is the problem and what is the best way to stop it? we will take you to a place that has been increasingly struck by kids playing the deadly game. have you ever asked yourself if you can beat your child in a
. civil rights groups say race may have been a factor. >>> president obama melt with healthy insurance exesm insuran, new laws minimum standards. gltion ladies and gentlemen, our superhero saved gotham city and san francisco today. >> a young boy battling leukemia got the surprise of his life today. he's finally getting his wish to be batman for a day. so he put on his cape as the entire city of san francisco honested him, intreasing the superhero -- embracing the superhero. consider this with antonio mora is up next. you can always get the latest news at are. >> america, reeling from another case of an unarmed black teenager getting shot to death by someone of another race. civil rights leaders are up in arms and almost two weeks later the shooter was charged. consider this, with similarities to the trayvon martin case, was racism involved? >>> also, toronto viewers will be seeing even more of rob ford. the scandal riddled mayor is getting a tv show. >>> and the mobile game candy crush is pulling in millions of dollars a week, but is it and others like it are getting yo
are following. a blow to president obama's signature heath care law. 39 democrats broke ranks on friday supporting a republican bill allowing americans to keep their health plans even if they don't meet the affordable care act standards. the white house says the president will veto the bill >> formal charges have been vialed against theodore wafer, the michigan man who allegedly shot unarmed teenager renisha mcbride dead on his front porch. renisha mcbride crashed her car and walked to theodore wafer's house for wep. theodore wafer has been charged with murder. the details are unclear. >> devastation in the philippines - a struggle to reach survivors as thousands are homeless and desperate. international aid is pouring in as a clean-up operation tries to speed up deliveries of relief supplies. >> in china - an overhaul of the one-child rule. the ruling communist party decided couples can have a second child if the mum or dad is an only child. i'm morgan radford. those are the headlines. "consider this" is next and you can get the latest news online at see you in an hour.
pleasure of having done it. >> it's a pleasure to read. now, the obamas have often been compared to the kennedys. they have two young kids, celebrities love them, he is a gifted speaker. why do you see them as so different from the kennedys? >> it's a different time, it's a different era, it's a different -- it's a different everything. but on those things they're very similar. mrs. obama as a first lady is ferocious about the protection of her two children as was jackie kennedy. she too is too fashion plate and cares very, very much about clothes and how she looks, and the image she presents, as did jackie kennedy. president obama is as gifted as kennedy was intellectually, they were both fine orators, lots of teeth, lots of prettiness. >> you have covered so much. how do you decide who you want to write about? >> i only choose people who have really left a footprint on our landscape. i choose people who are very much alive, who have influenced our culture in some way, politically or socially, and have had ims men's power over us in that sense. -- immense power, over us in that
quickly. they are putting a lot of pressure on the obama administration. >> michael, that was not the ones that were up for reelection next year. you have some liberal senators and congressmen who were not th threatened calling for fixes and for something to be done about that obama promise that people could keep their plans and their doctors. >> yeah. one thing to remember, antonio, and bill is right, you see people who are up for reelection and you make the point that not everybody is up for rely, geoff america lee is up for reelection. there are some senators who are not in tight races is a better way of saying it. geoff merkley supported mary landrieu's ledge southlakes. the senate looking to protect their own. if the democrats are scared, this is how they are going to do it. one thing we cannot forget, though, is just because you have all of these democrats signing on to the legislation does not mean that harry reid is going to bring it to the floor for a vote and he ultimately is the one who is going to be a buck-stopping with harry once again. >> some white house officials who went
in arkansas, mississippi and texas. president obama is urging critics of the iran nuclear agreement to give diplomacy a chance - easing sanctions in a halt for o nuclear movement. >> afghan president hamid karzai says he will not sign a security pact with the u.s. until new conditions are met. he met with the security advisor susan rice in kabul. she urged him to sign a deal allowing the u.s. to remain in afghanistan in 2024. "consider this" is next. and i'll be back later. you can get the latest on america's deal with iran gets a mixed review, along with mixed messages from the obama administration and the iranian president. with the two countries not on the same page, what is a deal >> a supreme court decision could mean changes for obamacare. >> last time we saw watson it cleaned up on "jeopardy", what is the computer doing >> and vladimir putin and the pope. >> we begin with an historic accord with iran. is it a good deal? the u.s. says it's a first step to kur -- to curtail iran's nuclear program. within hours of the deal the parties contradicted each other on a clean i
by the obama administration and the architects of obamacare. that this was going to happen. >> correct. >> why? >> so the thing is there are these grandfather provisions in the law. and the grandfather provisions say if you have a plan prior to the enactmentment of the obamacare, you can keep that plan. but three or four years have gone by -- >> but that also applies to employers. >> yes. the difference though is that in the individual market when your old plan goes away, you are dependant on the obamacare website to shop for a plan. and when that website doesn't work, you are stuck without coverage. so what employers do is they work with brokers or directly with insurance companies, or they self insure, and take care of that on behalf of the employee -- their employees, and they pay for your health plan. >> so what will it mean for that employee who sees his or her plan change? >> he might see higher preums, prior deductibles and copays for the plan, and there are things in the plan in terms of doctors and choices of hospital that might narrow. >> on the other hand might they not see better a
. coming up president obama takes to the blogs to express his support for the employment non-discrimination act. our next guest blasts the president for penning his response in a blog instead of taking action. web. >> there's a lot of men sporting excess facial hair. movember. it's for a good cause. i'll tell you more coming up. conversation on. . >>> can you be fired from your job for being gay in this country? the answer in most cases is yes. there are no laws to protect gay workers in 29 states. every attempt at an antidiscrimination law failed. the the enda act has advanced in the senate after mark kirk made a dramatic return to the floor law. >> i have been silent to the last two years due to a stroke - a little under two years ago. i have risen to speak because i believe so passionately in enacting the enda statue. it is appropriate for illinois republicans to speak on behalf of this measure. in the true decision of abraham lincoln and dirkon, the men who gave us the civil rights act >> good to see the senator doing better. we have founder and president of an organizat
america's deal with iran gets a mixed review, along with mixed messages from the obama administration and the iranian president. with the two countries not on the same page, what is a deal >> a supreme court decision obamacare. >> last time we saw watson it cleaned up on "jeopardy", what is the computer doing >> and pope. >> we begin with an historic accord with iran. is it a good deal? the u.s. says it's a first step to kur - to curtail iran's nuclear program. within hours of the deal the parties contradicted each other on a clean issue. >> there is no right to enrich. everywhere in the agreement it states they can only do that by mutural agreement and nothing is agreed on until everything is agreed on. >> >> translation: it has been written clearly in the text of this agreement that iran will continue its enrichment and, therefore, i announce to the people of iran enrichment will before. >> joining me to make sense of the agreement are ambassador thomas pickering former u.s. ambassador to russia and israel and j matthew mcinnize a resident fellow from an american en
in the forces. >> president obama laid a wreath at the tom of the unknown and spoke at arlington. >> that's the headlines. "consider this" is next. and i'll see you back here later. you can get the latest news on [ ♪ theme ] >>> the philippines bracing for another storm as it's digging out of disaster from the massive typhoon. "consider this" as devastating storms and rising sea levels impact around the world, can anything be done to protect coast at communities. scammers - what to look out for and what is being done about them. veterans day - the changing face of war and soldiers on screen. i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this." we begin with the terrible destruction caused by typhoon haiyan, and the threats of rising sea levels pose to communities around the world and home. first the philippines, 10,000 may have been killed in one city alone, hundreds of thousands have been struggling to survive across the island chain since the typhoon made landfall on friday. i'm joined by al jazeera correspondent craig leeson at cebu, and by lynette lim, from save the childr
why all this is happening is because obama promised that the affordable care act would pay for itself. the medicare part d prescription drug program that occurred under the bush administration didn't have any pay-fors and it's costing hundreds of billions of dollars in an attempt to be fiscally sound. this is a larger point that charles made and again in a column today i find quite apollutioning. the idea that it's an outrage that people who don't need maternity coverage are going ohave to pay for it, when it's the reality of insurance that you pay for all kinds of things that you yourself don't need to be part of that larger risk pool so that others may pay for things you need and now it's just applying those to a smaller individual market. and at the same time krauthammer lauded the are plan today, march towards huge liberalism and in socialism. that the ryan plan is great, that the ryan plan is health care for seniors. >> doesn't that mean that an individual should be able to buy what he or she needs and not have to buy things that they don't whether they're just individuals and no
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